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Background of the Study: This COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown has put the women on greater physical and mental burden due to the continuous work at home and fear about the virus.

Aim: This study aimed to identify the level of physical and mental impact on covid19 and lockdown among housewives.

Subjects and Methods: A descriptive study was conducted and this study approach was quantitative in nature, the present study undertaken with 100 samples with convenience sampling technique to select the samples. The tool used for this study were non standardized self structured tool made by researcher.

Results: The results showed that 60(60%) of housewives had moderate physical impact, 28(28%) had severe impact and 12(12%) had mild impact during COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown. In regard to mental status the data found that 78(78%) had moderate mental impact, 10(10%) had severe impact and 12(12%) had mild mental impact during covid-19 pandemic and lockdown. Results had shown statistically significant association with level of physical impact on COVID-19 and lockdown among housewives at p<0.005 level.(i.e p = 0.0022).

Conclusion: A systematic health education regarding relaxational therapy ad way to overcome physical stress among housewives can be done to prevent such problems. As to bring coping adjustment among housewives the community nurse should take part of this to educate housewives.

House wives, COVID-19 and lockdown, physical impact, mental impact

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VEVEKAVATHI, D., & NIVETHITHA, . (2022). THE PHYSICAL AND MENTAL IMPACT ON COVID-19 AND LOCKDOWN AMONG HOUSEWIVES. Asian Journal of Current Research, 7(1), 8-12. Retrieved from
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