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In a molecular structure, topological indices help us to capture the uniformity of the structure and also provide us the scientific provincialism to predict properties such as radius of gyrations, boiling points, viscosity etc. In this paper, we compute the sombor indices and the multiplicative sombor indices of \(TUAC_{6}[n,m]\) and \(TUZC_{6}[n,m]\) nanotubes. These degree-based topological indices formulas for the nanotubes build the connection which diffuses on the structure of the parameters and also in association, determine the properties of the nanotubes. We also plot the graphs to see the effects of our results on the considered parameters.

Sombor index, multiplicative sombor index, multiplicative modified sombor index, multiplicative reduced sombor index, nanotube

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DIVYASHREE, B. K., JAGADEESH, R., & SIDDABASAPPA, . (2022). SOMBOR INDICES OF \(TUAC_{6}\) AND \(TUZC_{6}\) NANOTUBES. Journal of Applied Chemical Science International, 13(4), 70-79. Retrieved from
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