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Background: Ivory Coast is the first country producer and the third exporter cashew kernel in world. Consumption of cashew kernels remains popular and present in Ivorian eating habits. However, the form, moment, nutritional and microbiological characteristics have not been explored much.

Aim of Study: This study aimed to determine the form, moment, nutriment, and microbial content of cashew kernels consumed.

Materials and Methods: A survey has been carried out to determine the most widely consumed form and moment of consumption of cashew kernel. The physicochemical, biochemical, and microbiological parameters of roasted cashew kernels were analyzed.

Results: The results showed that 74.5% of respondents consumed cashew kernels under roasted form and 87.5% used it as snack. The energy, carbohydrate, fat, moisture, fiber, Iron and Magnesium showed significant difference (P<0.05) between the samples. The microbiological analysis of the roasted cashew kernels samples showed that only mesophilic aerobic germ wers were found with a load of 2.46 ±0.05 (Log CFU/g) and 2.51±0.07 (Log CFU/g) for cashew supermarket (CKS) and cashew kernel local market (CKM) respectively.

Conclusion: In sum, from the microbiological point of view, the roasted cashew kernels samples both were acceptable quality.

Nutritional potentiality, roasted cashew kernel, snacking, survey

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