Journal of Disease and Global Health

Chief Editors


Dr. Emmanuel Rudatsikira


Andrews University School of Health Professions, USA

Department of Public Health, Nutrition and Wellness, School of Health Professions,

Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan


Specialization area: Tobacco control; adolescent health; violence prevention;

infectious diseases; chronic diseases

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Academic Editors


Dr. Ike Solomon Okosun

Division of Epidemiology & Biostatistics, School of Public Health,

Georgia State University, USA

Specialization Area: Epidemiology, biostatistics, obesity, diabetes, hypertension,

metabolic syndrome, dyslipidemia

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Dr. Tetsuji Yamada
Department of Economics, Center for Children and Childhood Studies, Rutgers University,

The State University of New Jersey, USA

Specialization Area: Health economics, economics of health behavior and health education,

cost benefit/effective analysis, public health and health promotion, economics of social welfare and public policy,

health disparity, healthcare access disparity

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Dr. Daniel E. Furst

Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, UCLA Medical Center,

Santa Monica, USA


Specialization Area: clinical pharmacology of anti-rheumatic drugs and biologics,

pathophysiology and treatment of progressive systemic sclerosis

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Dr. Marcus Vinicius Nora De Souza

Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Institute of Drug Technology Far-Manguinhos, Brazil

Specialization Area: Centered on neglected disease (tuberculosis and malaria) and synthetic methodologies

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Dr. Mosammat Rashida Begum


Infertility Care and Research Center (ICRC) Ltd, Bangladesh


Specialization Area: Reproductive Medicine

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Dr. Muzafar Ahmad Macha 
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology College of Medicine,

University Nebraska Medical Center, USA

Specialization AreaCell signalling, therapeutics, chemoprevention,

chemosensitivity and tumour progression in Head and Neck and pancreatic cancers

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Dr. Letizia Claudio

Sapienza University of Rome, Via Della Pedica, Grottaferrata (Rm), Italia


Specialization Area: Endocrinology, diabetology, cardiology, internal medicine, hypertension

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Dr. Giuseppe Murdaca
UniversitĂ  Degli Studi Di Genova, Dipartimento Di Medicina Interna E SpecialitĂ  Mediche, Italy

Specialization Area: Immunodeficiencies, autoimmunity, neuro-endocrine-immunology, pharmacogenomics

Profile link: NA


Dr. Athanassios Vozikis

Assistant Professor,

Health Economics and Information Systems,

University of Piraeus, Piraeus, Greece


Specialization Area: Health Services Financing and Delivery, Health Economics,

Information Systems’ Applications in Economy, Management,

Evaluation of Healthcare  Services

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Dr. Cherupally Krishnan Krishnan Nair
Pushpagiri Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Thiruvalla, India

Specialization Area: Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, DNA Repair,

Cellular Stress Response, Radiation Biology, Radiomodifiers in Radiotherapy, Radiation Protection,

Nanotehnology, Environmental pollution and genotoxicity

Profile link: NA


Dr. William Cho
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Hong Kong

Specialization Area: proteomics, cancer biomarkers, microRNAs, NSCLC, nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Profile link: NA


Dr. Jin-Rong (Joseph) Zhou

Associate Professor of Surgery,

Harvard Medical School Director,

Nutrition/Metabolism Laboratory Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, U.S.A.

Specialization Area: Nutrition, diet, cancer prevention, metabolic syndrome, obesity,

autism, neurodevelopmental, neurodegerative

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Complete list of Editors will be published soon.