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The study in the marine area of Ventotene and Santo Stefano Islands was carried on following a specific research organization chart established by the Italian Ministry of the Environment and Protection of the Territory and the Sea which includes two forms with the respective inquiry requests. Module 1 provided for the recording of the qualitative composition of the fish community by the taxonomic determination of the species present at various depths and in various areas of the coastal strip and their site. The results showed a good ecological situation in all the investigated areas but given that the presence of many vagile species is linked to the seam in wich the study is carried out, it is necessary to repeat it in the other three seasons.

Taxonomic determination, target species, seasonal changes

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BEDINI, R., & BEDINI, M. (2021). STUDY OF THE ECOLOGICAL SITUATION OF THE MARINE PROTECTED AREA OF THE ISLAND OF VENTOTENE (ITALY). Journal of Global Ecology and Environment, 12(1), 1-20. Retrieved from
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