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Forest fires have caused a huge loss to the Himalayan biodiversity, which has adversely affected the productive capacity and natural regeneration of forests species. The Uttarakhand state of India is severely affected by forest fire every year, which is one of the main reasons for loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services of the precious forest resources. As per as record, approximate 700 species of bird and animals are at the high risk of extinction as a consequence of adverse effects of forest fire. In the Uttarakhand state, majority of fire occurs in Chir Pine forests, which later on extends to the associated species, such as, Banj Oak. Worldwide, forest fire has been viewed as a serious issue responsible for the climate change. Subjecting forest areas to regular controlled burning can reduce the incidence of forest fire to the great extent. Further, imparting education, training and awareness on forest fire to the local people and state govt. official can considerably control fire incidence as well as fuel load in the forests.

Forest fire, Chir Pine, Uttarakhand, Himalaya, Biodiversity

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BINJOLA, R., DOBHAL, S., & LAL, P. (2022). A REVIEW ON THE CURRENT STATUS OF FOREST FIRE IN UTTARAKHAND STATE OF INDIA. Journal of Global Ecology and Environment, 16(4), 26-33. https://doi.org/10.56557/jogee/2022/v16i47810
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