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Plant growth is affected by genetic, climatic and edaphic factors among others. Soil pollution may adversely affect biota by limiting growth and survival of plants. The research was carried out to investigate the potential effect of crude oil pollution of soil on the growth of two cultivars of Musa paradisiaca. Crude oil was added to agricultural soil on which plantain suckers were planted. Growth was then periodically assessed in terms of height, stem girth and total leaf area. Plant height was significantly reduced in the two cultivars grown on polluted soil in comparison with controls grown on unpolluted soil. There was also an insignificant decrease in stem girth in plants grown on polluted soil. Total leaf area increased for French plantain planted on crude oil contaminated soil more than control. For False Horn plantain however, the control had greater leaf area than those on polluted soil. The rates of increase in height, stem girth and leaf area were not uniform with time for the two cultivars. French plantain survived the stress caused by soil pollution better than False Horn plantain, although, both plantain cultivars on polluted soil still grew appreciably in comparison with controls. They may therefore be useful in remediating soils polluted by crude oil spillage.

Soil pollution, crude oil, Musa paradisiaca, growth and survival

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BALOGUN, K. P., ABORISADE, A. T., & ODIYI, B. O. (2022). EFFECT OF CRUDE OIL POLLUTION OF SOIL ON THE VEGETATIVE GROWTH OF PLANTAIN (Musa paradisiaca¬). Journal of Global Ecology and Environment, 16(4), 183-194. https://doi.org/10.56557/jogee/2022/v16i47939
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