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This paper aims to provide an overview of current solid waste management practices at gas fired powered plant in Karachi, Pakistan. During the annual maintenance activities at gas powered plant it is obvious that different type of waste is generated such as metal waste including, aluminum, copper, iron and other metals, electronic waste, non-metal waste such as cotton rags, wood, paper, hand gloves and other miscellaneous waste. Three gas powered plants located in Karachi were surveyed and interviews were conducted to comprehend the existing practices of solid waste management there. Waste disposal and storage scraps yard of the selected power plants were also visited to study the process of waste segregation, reuse and recycling and final disposal. The results of this study indicate that highest amount of solid waste generated form selected power plants includes the heavy metals; aluminum, copper and iron comprising about 15% each. Cotton rags/ gloves, rubber and plastic make 11%, 6% and 4% respectively of the total waste stream. Study indicate that out of the total waste generated, approximately 70% is being disposed to scrap yard which is the source of revenue collection and remaining 30% is being lost as it is not being collected, segregated, and disposed as per the current practice of gas-powered plants. Study also finds that the waste that is currently not being disposed properly, can result in revenue increase of almost 27% (metal waste), 0.63% (cotton rags/hand gloves) and almost 4% (miscellaneous waste).

Solid waste, annual maintenance, gas-powered plant, Karachi, Pakistan

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ALLAH, A. M., & IQBAL, J. (2022). SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT AT GAS FIRED ELECTRIC POWERED PLANT: A CASE OF KARACHI, SINDH, PAKISTAN. Journal of Global Ecology and Environment, 16(4), 223-230.
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